This blog is a record of my thoughts and ideas surround this issue of women and gender in the arts. It is intended as a reflection of the things I am learning as part of my degree, and as such I hope it will be informative and of interest to others.

What I am hoping to gain from this exploration is a better insight into the feminist issues in the arts,particularly fine art. As a woman producing art in today’s society, I feel it is pertinent to understand the history of what went before- and not simply to accept what we are taught.

My parents brought me up to believe that all people are equal, regardless of sex, race, ethnicity, culture, age, sexuality. I believe it is our responsibility to uphold the fair treatment of all, and to do so, we must question the ideologies that (consciously or unconsciously, subtly or unsubtly) shape that which does not value equality and diversity.

I hope that in studying the role of women within art I can better locate myself within a community, a world, that is traditionally so male-dominated; and encounter those who, through their work, made such a thing possible.


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