Weekly Tasks

As part of the course I am taking (upon which this blog is based), we are set weekly tasks for a portfolio. This is a copy of the list which can be used as a way of navigating through my posts.

Weekly Tasks

Week 1:

a) Research a basic biography of Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Lee Krasner, Helen Frankenthaler, Louise Nevelson, Grace Hartigan, Joan Mitchell, Robert Motherwell

b) analyse five of the sheet of photographs you were given taken during the 1950s of American artists. How is gender inscribed into the manner in which these artists are represented at work or in formal poses?

Week 2.

Using Foucault’s text as a guide, write your own analysis of the painting Las Meninas by Velasquez, using this exercise in description to develop your own close reading skills and your language for analysis of a painting. Please seek out another interpretation of the painting in a survey art history book. Please also seek out portraits by Velasquez of members of the Spanish Royal Family and analyse the codes for the presentation of royal masculinities and feminities with regard to age and social role.

Week 3

Who was Anicia Juliana? How can her portrait from the Vienna Dioscurides be udnerstood as an embodiment of dynastic ideology?

Week 4

Do a visual analysis of Fig. 1 in the Caviness article. What elements of the image are conventions and what elements are innovative in terms of style or iconography or composition? How does it work to capture the idea of the visionary?

Week 5

Make detailed notes on the readings. Which is each author’s argument for the power of the fragmented or grotesque female body? Do they see any problems or area of ambivalnce?


Week 7

Week 8

Provide visual analyses of the various orders of space in four paintings from the moment of Parisian modernism (1860-1890) in order to explore the precise way in which new modes of painting and composing pictures negotiate the city, its modern spaces and the differences of gender and sexuality enacted in those spaces. How does modernist form relate to modern class, gender, race and sexual relations?

Week 9

In 2007 there were a range of exhibitions on the historical moment when art changed feminism and feminism intervened in art. Research catalogues, websites and reviews of these shows:



Gender Battles

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Venice Biennale 2005 (see website)

Documenta 12 2007 (see website)

How does each exhibition explain its project and explain the history of feminism in art. What works are shown in several exhibitions? Who appear to be the key artists? What are the categories? How were Venice 2005 and Documenta 12 reviewed and why?

Reference: Parker and Pollock Framing Feminism: Art and the Women’s Movement 1987 with Broude and Garrard The Power of Feminist Art


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