Women’s gains (or lack thereof) in the art world

In the lecture for this week, we were told how, of Art Review magazine’s 2008 power 100 list, there were only three artists who are women- Louise Bourgeois, Cindy Sherman and Marlene Dumas. It is an increasingly worrying statistic for those young women, like myself, studying fine art (especially as the amount of women attending these courses always vastly outnumber the amount of men) This was of course an exercise to alert us to the continued relevance of feminist study, as often we take for granted that the world has irrevocably changed and that women are now on an equal footing with men. It feels like women are fated from the start to be less than their male contemporaries when this is still the case of things.

[I cannot help but wonder at those who commented on the Telegraph site (the link I provided), as they seem to find little (or, more likely, no) enjoyment in modern art, and thus I fail to see how they thought their comments were adding to our understanding. Whilst it is perfectly valid to hold such opinions, I feel that the comments should be more relevant to the subject matter- a discussion of the people included, the people left off, and maybe even how relevant such a list is.]

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