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Periods and shopping – hormones and female vices

Why is it that women must have an “excuse” for overspending?

More importantly- why is iot that psychologists feel the need to link such a “feminine” trait such as uncontrolable spending to the menstrual cycle? This to me just seems like the comments scientists made about women at the start of the 20th century- being hysterical, their minds controlled by the womb, and how this made them unqualified for the vote. And this time it seems a much less high-profile fight for women’s rights.

And this is not to mention the potential problems with this arguement- does it still hold true for those who have gone through the menopause, or young women who have not started their periods yet? Or women like me who have P.C.O.S.? Plus surely there are men out there who make so-called impulse buys and overspend on things they don’t strictly need…

‘Are womens spending habits linked to their hormones?’ – why this question rather than ‘Are men’s urges to watch football related to their hormones?’ or something similar. The fact is it’s so much easier and more acceptable to  create the idea that women are incapable of controlling their actions than it is for men. I’m sure there have been studies into the links between testostrone and increased violence in men, or similar, but it just worries me that we still find the need to justify (socially constructed) gender differences via science.