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Who does she think she is?

Thanks to a “related entry” on my blog I stumbled across a new film exploring the relationship between motherhood and art Who does she think she is?. I am very glad that people are tackling this subject, and I would strongly recommend you at least check out the trailer (as if you are in the UK, screenings are primarily in Canada and the USA and thus difficult to attend). I hope that the film lives up to its strong message and mission statement.

I have discussed already the difficulties faced by women, but motherhood and family responsibilities is one that I have yet come across on the course. Whilst some women who are artists have the difficulty of being placed in the background of their husband’s show, many more face the difficulty of choosing between their relationships and their art (a problem that is widely spread throughout the world- should mothers[women] have careers?)

I believe it takes alot of strength to put oneself out there as an artist, especially if the artist is a woman as that already gives you an “underdog” status. Whilst it may be considered an old-fashioned and outdated thought, the value that a women puts her family before her career is one that is commonly held, often by women themselves. Whilst there is certainly nothing wrong with a woman wanting to be a mother (especially as we are more readily given the choice of different options now), to have both a career and a family does pose many difficulties.  In the past,women who chose to follow their careers, as this film’s trailer illustrates, were not mothers,and often not wives.

What we really ought to question now is, in a society which claims women can have both, how do women cope with this? In this economy of choice, are we now pulled in so many directions that we cannot achieve anything of merit? Must we resign ourselves to being that jack-of-all-trades and master of none?